1. A registered "Team" must consist of 3 players minimum. A team may have up to 5 total players.

  2. For a game to count towards the season or master leaderboards, the game must be played by at least 3 players from a registered team. The remaining 1 person can be anyone, not registered, or a player from another registered team. The placement will count for the team with the 3 players.

  3. Only the team captain may make a change to his team’s roster via the roster change form and his team captain ID/Order number. We DO NOT recommend the team captain give this ID/Order number to anyone, as this could lead to team issues that StepOne will not be held accountable for.

  4. Players must keep their in-game names very close to the same as the name that they registered with for that season for their placement to count.

  5. We DO allow In-Game name changes on the leaderboards, however the name change will count towards one of your two allotted roster changes.

  6. A team may make a roster change only TWICE per season and can only change up to TWO players at a time on a single roster.

  7. IF a team needs to change more than TWO players on a team, they must submit a new team registration. BE AWARE, when doing this the first team’s points WILL NOT transfer to the new team.

  8. A team may fill a single empty(N/A) roster slot ONE time per season and it will not count against their team’s roster changes for the season.

  9. Roster changes and new team submissions must be submitted BEFORE the 15 Second Queue time of the FIRST scrim game of the day in order to be eligible for that nights games. Please reference the schedule for the FIRST SCRIM TIME. If you do not do this your team will not be valid to receive points.

  10. Roster changes made before the FIRST scrim game of the season will not count against your two roster change.

  11. Players must not impersonate other players.

  12. Players can only be on one registered team.

  13. In order to change more than two players on your roster, you must submit a new team registration. BE AWARE, that when doing this,, the first teams points will not transfer to the second team, and in MOST cases the first team will not be allowed to keep the points either.

  14. Challenger and Master leagues, once you have used both roster changes you may still be able to change your roster(as long as it follows the rules above) via the paid roster change. You can find this item in our website store, and you will use the same roster change form as before just skip to the paid roster change section.

NOTE: Teams have 2 roster changes to use for free. You may purchase addition roster changes if you choose to do so. However a team must maintain over 50% of their original roster throughout the entire season. If over 50% percent of the team is no longer the original registered members, then that teams points will be reset. *only certain leagues allow 2+ roster changes.


LEGENDARY ONLY - Legendary tier is an invite only tier. You must place high in the Challenger tier for the potential of an invite or place in the top Master League teams. If you are a Tier 1 org, contact one of the leads or Fortnite directors to discuss Legendary league.

  1. Legendary teams MUST HAVE FOUR roster players present in order for the game to be scored.





  1. It is your responsibility to read and meet all requirements if you want your win to count.

  2. Content MUST be loaded before you queue into a scrim game. If everyone on your team has not loaded content prior to queuing into a scrim match you will get a few second delay in joining the match, this is considered loading content glitch and will be treated as a late queuing. Your match WILL NOT be scored if you abuse this, be it intentionally or not.

  3. MASTERS & LEGENDARY VODS CAN NOT BE DELETED FOR 30 DAYS PAST THE SUBMISSION DATE. If we need to reference your vod for anything and your vod was deleted, you will AUTOMATICALLY LOSE the point/s for the game/s in question. Challenger vods can not be deleted for 14 days.

  4. Video footage MUST be turned in on the "Report a Placement" form. The video should contain the MODS voice. Specifically the MOD’S game number/date announcement and the MOD’S 5 second countdown and que.

  5. The person recording the VOD must be the in game Lobby Leader.(the player with the golden crown)

  6. The Person recording the VOD must also be the same person in discord when the countdown and que are happening. (If you do not have a PC then download the discord app and play the countdown through your headset)

  7. You must QUE  into NAE (East servers) for your games to count.

  8. Only Wins are recorded as points.

  9. VOD Proof MUST be turned in by 10PM PST (Midnight CST) the same day.

  10. The video footage must include all announcements from the mod (Gamenumber,Date,Que). The SERVER (top right corner) and include gameplay all the way until the ending of the game and the ending screen showing your teams placement.

  11. The Vod Proof can not be a recording of you watching a vod.

  12. Vods also need to include video proof of queuing. (If you are on another screen and we do not have visual proof of que then the win will not count)

  13. Your Vod MUST be a TWITCH HIGHLIGHT of ONLY the game won. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT FULL STREAM VODS WITH TIME STAMPS or YOUTUBE VODS, IF YOU SUBMIT PROOF IN THAT FORMAT IT WILL NOT BE SCORED!!! (Unless your Org is officially partnered with a specific platform.)

  14. Please verify the links you submit before you submit them, it is not our fault if you do not get points for a game because you submitted an invalid link, or submitted the same link twice for two different games. You can check the status of your vod submission here:

  15. Due to the amount of teams registered and nightly vod submissions for Fortnite, the leaderboards will not be updated for up to 24 hours past the deadline for submissions. This means that PC Leaderboards will be updated at 10 PM PST / 11 PM MT / 12AM CST / 1AM EST the day AFTER they were submitted.


TIP #1: When you stream on Twitch, and you have “video archiving” turned on, you will be able to enter “video producer” mode and edit your stream VODs, once there, click on “highlight”. From there you will be able to highlight the game you won. It will create a highlight clip without deleting anything in the original VOD.

TIP #2: We recommend you turn off the join/leave discord channel noise. With hundreds of people in the queue room, sometimes it makes it impossible to hear the countdown, and remember, we have to be able to hear the countdown in the vod proof.

  1. The StepOne Moderators have the right to dismiss players from the discord at their discretion. All reasons will be brought up to the administrator to talk about the final decision for the player in question.

  2. An admin/moderator CANNOT override a written rule.

  3. Please keep in mind that everyone here has volunteered their time to run these for the community.

  4. Treat all players with respect in the discord and in game.

  5. Stream sniping/Targeting is not taken lightly, if caught, a player will receive a warning, if the player is caught a second time they will be suspended for the remainder of the current season and the entire next season of play.

  6. Loading content glitch - first infraction results in a warning, if caught a second time the team could be given punishments up to and not excluding a permanent ban from stepone.

  7. PS4 and XBOX teams cannot use a Mouse and Keyboard in any of StepOne’s Leagues or Tournaments. Violation of this rule can be punished by a !warning all the way up through a permanent ban from StepOne.

  8. Toxicity depending on the severity and number of offences can be punished by a !warning all the way up through a permanent ban from StepOne.


      1. Directing derogatory messages towards a player/team in general/DM’s chat.

      2. Showing up in someone's stream to trash talk. Regardless of the situation.

      3. Disregarding a mods warning and persisting with the offence


  1. TEAM LOGO’s Must be submitted in the form of .jpg or .png. If you have questions on how to convert your image, google “how to convert image to .jpg or .png format”.

  2. Teams do not have to play in every "queued" game to be eligible.

  3. Teams will must register for each Season. The roster may change in between Seasons.

  4. A team that scores a victory royale in a queued scrim game will be rewarded one point as long as VOD proof and rosters are correct.


    1. 4 weeks long​

    2. 1st place receives a free spot in Master's League.


    1. 4 weeks long

    2. Top teams advance to Legendary League.

    3. If you are Master, your twitter/logo will be added to the Master leaderboard.


    1. If you are legendary, your twitter will be added to the legendary leaderboard.


  1. If a player/s on your team disconnects, you MUST play the game a man/men down. DO NOT TRY TO RE-QUEUE. The game will not be scored if you try to re-queue. (It would be too easy to intentionally d/c a player every game therefore, you must play a man down.)

  2. If the server crashes for all/most teams,The moderator will make the call on whether or not a make-up game should be played (if a make-up game is deemed necessary, the game may/may not be that same night).