DATE: June 24th, 2018
TIME: 1pm CST / 2pm EST
ENTRY: $10

NOT REACHED: 70+ Teams: $400 - $100 - $10 (Based off of 70 teams entered into the games) 

The hosting team will host a SQUAD game session. Then they will invite his teammate, and their opponents to the game session and then begin their match.

How to win: For this tournament you will play two games per round. You must keep track of your kills for the games being played. The combined amount of kills for you and your team mate BETWEEN BOTH GAMES will determine the winner. If between both games the two teams total kills are tied, an overtime game must be played. For pacing purposes, if you go into overtime and a winner is determined, please do not play out the game.

GAME 1: Top Team: A Team hosts on their desired server.
Game 1 Results: Team A = 14 Kills | Team B = 11 Kills
Game 2: Bottom Team: B Team hosts on their desired server.
Game 2 Results: Team A 6 Kills | Team B 10 Kills

Final Results: Team B = 21 Kills | Team A = 20 Kills | Team B Advances to the next round.





The hosting team (top team) will type "StepOneGG" and the opposing team (bottom team) will type the Round # in the #2v2-readyup-chat in the StepOne Discord. If a player cannot type in the channel, make sure to see the #getting-started chat in the discord to get his/her game role. After this, the game can start.


1. Teams will report their games on the "Report Match Results" form above, immediately after finishing their game.

2. Teams have up to 15 minutes to report the match outcome. However, we do recommend that teams complete the form as soon as possible to aid in tournament efficiency.

3. If both teams report the match results the same, then the match will be scored according to those reports.

4. If at the end of the allotted 15 minutes, only one team has submitted a report, the match will be scored based off of that one report.

5. If Both teams report different outcomes to the match, see the "In case of a dispute" section below.




The twitch highlight should include from the text being put in the chat that is noted above to the in-game HUD showing the kills for everyone in the squads match. 

  1. The team of 2 players must show up for the match or it is a forfeit. One player from a team cannot play the match alone.

  2. The opposing team has 10 minutes from the designated start time of the match to report to the opposing team. i.e.Match Start time: 1pm... The teams must add each other and begin play by 1:10pm.

  3. A Twitch Highlight of your actions during the ten minutes showing you proactively trying to get them in your lobby will be considered sufficient proof of a no show. 



Any player inside your 2v2 queued session MAY NOT destroy any bases made by their opponent, make them fall, or any other actions that may help lead to that person's death.

Examples of sabotage include but are not limited to:
Breaking or weakening opponent's built or non built structures or cover by any means.
Causing opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for increasing their scores in any way shape or form.
Building in front of your opponent.
Boogie Bombing your opponent.
The use of a boogie bomb on your opponent at any point in the game are subject to disqualifications.


Top team on the bracket hosts first game on their desired server (NAE or NAW ONLY). The bottom team hosts second game on their desired server.

Single elimination.

2 Matches per Round (unless overtime is required.)

Game Mode will be the Normal Squads.


The matches must be streamed by at least one player, that player is designated on the registration form that you add to your cart.


1st Place: $400
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: $10

(NOTE: Prize pool is established off of max participation.